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The Glenn Beck Program

Glenn still loves his chalkboard, but now it's found its true home in the state-of-the-art TheBlaze TV studios! The once-in-a-lifetime movement to restore our nation powers Glenn's daily show, live weekdays at 5pm or anytime On Demand.

Real News from TheBlaze

Unique news and analysis from TheBlaze every weeknight at 6pm or anytime On Demand.

Watch on Multiple Devices

TheBlaze TV is available on your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or on your television via the simple-to-install Roku device.

HD Quality Video

Get the best video quality available for your connection.

30 days of On-Demand Access

Watch anytime!

Video Broadcast of Glenn's Daily Radio Program

SEE Glenn, Pat, and Stu perform the daily 3-hour radio show every weekday with this exclusive 5-camera video broadcast.


Andrew Wilkow has made a huge name for himself in the world of conservative talk with his critically acclaimed radio show on SiriusXM Satellite radio, and now he brings his unique recipe of rational thought and indisputable facts to TheBlaze TV Plus. Wilkow! brings you Andrew's take on the issues of the day where he takes the conversation one step further by telling you what's really going on behind each story and how it impacts YOU.

Exclusive Documentaries

TheBlaze TV documentary producers are working overtime to bring you some of the most eye-opening, jaw-dropping exposes that you've ever seen. Watch new documentaries on the day they're released, or any of the documentaries from TheBlaze TV library On Demand.

Special Event Coverage

Whether it's a massive Glenn Beck stadium event like Restoring Love or a FreedomWorks event in Ohio, if it matters to TheBlaze TV subscribers, we'll be there to cover it.

Pat & Stu

Immediately following the radio program, Stu and Pat continue the show exclusively for TheBlaze TV Plus subscribers. It's a hilarious and unbridled behind the scenes look into life at Mercury Radio Arts. They dig deeper into the stories Glenn didn't have time to get to that day on radio, make fun of the boss, and induct exceptionally bad newsmakers into the "Hall of Fame."

Liberty Treehouse

Got kids? TheBlaze TV's Raj Nair hosts this fun after school program that explores today's news and yesterday's history through the eyes of a new generation.

The B.S. of A.

What happens when sketch comedy meets today's politics? You get The B.S. of A! No one is safe when chief humorist Brian Sack throws political correctness out the window and says all of the things you WISH you could say!

Independence USA

It doesn't get any more real than this! Follow the Belcastro family as they venture "off the grid" and prepare for what they perceive as the inevitable collapse of civilization as we know it.

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