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TheBlaze TV Customer Support

Welcome to TheBlaze TV's Customer Support page. Please click on the links below for general assistance, Frequently Asked Questions and contact information.

  1. TheBlaze TV Account Information

    Learn how to create and manage your TheBlaze TV account; reset passwords or change your email address.

  2. TheBlaze TV Download Center

    Download the latest versions of Flash.

  3. System Requirements

    Make sure your computer meets all the system requirements for TheBlaze TV products.

  4. Subscription Access FAQ

    How to access your TheBlaze TV subscription services.

  5. TheBlaze TV Billing Information

    Answers to your questions about TheBlaze TV subscription billing.

  6. TheBlaze TV Browser Support

    Answers to your questions about TheBlaze TV's supported web browsers.

  7. TheBlaze TV Support Forum

  8. Contact TheBlaze TV Customer Support

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